FAVETTE & WOLFF, LLC is a premium Fine Arts and Artisanry firm. For twenty-five years, we have brought statement and harmony into hundreds of homes, estates, and businesses. From original and commissioned canvases, to murals and grand panoramas of wall art, our goal is to produce works of the highest quality and to the deep satisfaction of every client.  Our clients include leaders of Business and the Arts – William H. Gates III, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas among other notable figures. 

 Clients often work with us for many years, as their tastes evolve or they relocate.  Isabelle Favette , Tom Wolff, and our newest member, Cassandra Wolff, consult directly with clients or through their trusted designers. We have collaborated with several legends of the design industry, including Robert Denning, and Thierry Despont.
Our firm is located just north of Manhattan. We regularly travel to projects nationally and internationally.